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Juice Plus’ Second Benefit

In my last blog entry I wrote about the benefits I have experienced by including Juice Plus into my daily dietary regiment. Well, it has now officially been two months and I am still feeling great, if not even better. The energy I have now is amazing! I have been in the corporate world long […]

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Health Benefits of Juice Plus

Do you get your daily requirement of fruits and vegetables? Our bodies need 7 – 13 helpings of both fruit and vegetables every day. This is a hard task for anyone to accomplish, with the hustle and bustle going on every single day of our lives. I am a Personal Trainer and know how important […]

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Invest In You, Stop The Blaming!

Okay, I am sorry but I have to rant for a bit. Why is it that people complain about everything, yet take no time to accept responsibility? Quit blaming our healthcare system, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies that make the drugs (that will by the way kill you faster), and oh please, let’s not forget how […]

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How Important is Your Health to You?

With the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, I find it interesting the one thing people today do not do is make time to improve their health and stamina. For myself, if I did not have such great stamina, I would not be able to keep up with my busy life. You may be […]

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Group Sessions in the Park: Freedom Park

The following pictures speak for themselves. This group has taken a stand and wants to improve their overall health! Not to mention the fun and new friendships they are experiencing every Wednesday and Saturday.  Yes we should all workout three to four days per week, as most of this group does do, but even two […]

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