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Why Is Your Health on the Back Burner?

Today, let’s talk about your needs versus your wants. Most people, when faced with financial issues, problems, challenges, will start cutting anything that is healthy out of their budget.  Why is that?  Your health is a need!  For the life of me, I cannot figure out why maintaining health and physical fitness is the first […]

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Warrior Dash 2013: Accept a Challenge and Kick Its Butt

I recently (June 1, 2013) ran in the Warrior Dash held in Huntersville, NC along with one of my clients, Naomi Skarzinski. This was our first time running this race, and I must say it was a fun way to spend a Saturday. This is not my first time running an obstacle course, I ran […]

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Balance and Stability

Is balance and stability important? Yes, VERY important! With age we naturally start losing stability, especially if we are sedentary most of our lives. Without balance and stability, you run the risk of falling and seriously injuring yourself. This is where strength training is extremely important to have built in to your workout regimen; cardio […]

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Get The Skinny on Food

What we eat can decide our weight. I cannot tell you how important it is to stay on task with your diet. When you start a weight loss regimen, the diet is the largest part of meeting your goal. Seventy percent of the weight loss goal is your diet. Many people do not realize this […]

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