How Important is Your Health to You?

With the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, I find it interesting the one thing people today do not do is make time to improve their health and stamina. For myself, if I did not have such great stamina, I would not be able to keep up with my busy life. You may be asking what does stamina have to do with it. My response to you would be “REALLY!?”

Without stamina, how do you get through your day? Are you tired all of the time? Now you may be asking, “How do I gain more stamina?” Well that is the easy part, diet and exercise. These are the two things no one ever has time for. Sure everyone wants to be healthy but only a small percent of people actually do anything about it.

I live in the state of North Carolina and heard on the news a few weeks ago it ranks 35th out of 50 states for poor health (with 1 being the best health and 50 the poorest). There are many factors involved to get us to that ranking and exercise is one of the ranking factors.

After hearing this, I did a little further research online. “Although physical inactivity decreased by 7.2 percent in the past year, it remains high at 24.9 percent of adults; 1.8 million adults are physically inactive in the state.” See more at Americas Health Ranking.

I find it sad there are so many North Carolinians who do nothing about their health. There are a small percentage of us who know this is not a luxury, this is a must! Yes, exercise is work but the alternative is (for me) way worse than a little work will ever be.

The older we get, the harder life can be, especially without diet and exercise, not to mention expensive. I myself do not want to give any more money to the medical or pharmaceutical industries than I have to. You can avoid added medical expenses by simply taking charge of your health. Just a few minor changes, like walking more or changing certain things in your diet can make a difference. Once you start seeing those differences, it is not long before you start looking for more ways to challenge yourself with even bigger changes.

This is where you would benefit from hiring a Personal Trainer. The trainer will help push you to become stronger, help you with diet suggestions, so you can be less tired and ready to wake up every morning on a stronger more positive note to face your day.

This blog is food for thought and I hope you take it seriously. No matter if you decide to hire a trainer, join a gym, or just get a group of friends on board to work out every day. This is something that should no longer be ignored. To have better stamina, you must put in the work; otherwise, if you live in the state of North Carolina, you are among the percentage of people that bring this great state down to the 35th position of poor health in this country.

Taking care of you is not a luxury, it is a must! Don’t you think it is time to do something about it?

As always, stay healthy, eat clean, and get fit.




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