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What Does Your Nutrition Intake Look Like?

What are you doing for nutrition? Did you know your body needs 7-14 servings of fruit and vegetables a day to properly function? Mind you, I said properly function, not just function.  There is a difference.  You may ask if I know how hard it is to eat that amount of servings all in one […]

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What is Your Health Worth to You?

I am here to talk about your health. Many of us take vitamins or supplements in hopes to give us “better health.” If you are taking vitamins or supplements (not always the same thing), make sure you are taking something that is from a reputable company. Make sure you go with a brand that carries […]

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Juice Plus’ Second Benefit

In my last blog entry I wrote about the benefits I have experienced by including Juice Plus into my daily dietary regiment. Well, it has now officially been two months and I am still feeling great, if not even better. The energy I have now is amazing! I have been in the corporate world long […]

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Health Benefits of Juice Plus

Do you get your daily requirement of fruits and vegetables? Our bodies need 7 – 13 helpings of both fruit and vegetables every day. This is a hard task for anyone to accomplish, with the hustle and bustle going on every single day of our lives. I am a Personal Trainer and know how important […]

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