Take the Time to Smell the Roses

Take the Time to Smell the Roses

We should start each day with a little piece of mind. One simple way is to establish emotional wellness, every day.

A mindful walk is an excellent way to clear your mind of clutter and restore your sense of focus. It’s also a great excuse to get out into nature and off the couch. Several studies have shown taking a break to look at or be in nature can have a rejuvenating effect on the brain, helping to free up your mind when you feel stuck, and boosting levels of attention.

You should incorporate mindful walking into your daily life. Use all your senses — sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch — to bring awareness to your body of its surroundings.

This is a first step to getting your body back into the swing of incorporating exercise into your life. Exercise is the one fix for stress, anxiety, and depression that is not used regularly, and it is free in almost all cases. Quite frankly, people would much rather “pop a pill” than get off their butts and de-stress the natural way.

Changing your lifestyle to allow you to live more stress free and healthy does not have to be considered out of reach.  It certainly should not be removed from a budget and should not be labeled a “luxury.”

When I say this, I do not mean you should go back to buying processed foods due to a kink in your financial situation, or drop your gym membership, or personal trainer.  Research for lower costing gym memberships and speak to your trainer about how you can still see her (or him) at a lesser cost.  One example might be taking group classes versus one-on-one for a while.

If you are a motivated person, you can take the knowledge you now have from your personal trainer and work out every day at home. You can see your personal trainer once a month to get new ideas for new workouts.

The food part, well that is easy.  If you buy fresh vegetables and fruit, which can be expensive, switch to frozen.  Look for sales on meats (raw meats), but whatever you do, do not go back to the processed foods just because it is cheaper. Getting on a healthy living track is not hard and does not have to be expensive, it just takes motivation, knowledge, or research.

What motivates me is that I always want to feel good.  Doing everything as natural as I can allows me to feel good, regardless of my financial situation, the busy hustle and bustle of each day, or anything else going on in my life.

Remember, only you are confined by the walls you build for yourself. Take the time to smell the roses, stay on the healthy track, regardless of what is going on in your life. Do not let life’s obstacles derail what is good for you.

Until next time, stay fit and healthy, and make good choices.




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