What Does Your Nutrition Intake Look Like?

What Does Your Nutrition Intake Look Like?What are you doing for nutrition? Did you know your body needs 7-14 servings of fruit and vegetables a day to properly function? Mind you, I said properly function, not just function.  There is a difference.  You may ask if I know how hard it is to eat that amount of servings all in one day? Why yes, I do.  You might also ask if I get that amount of servings a day?  Yes, I do, plus more.

Before I share how, let’s review some interesting information about the foods we eat.

A majority of our fruits and vegetables are shipped from other countries, very few are from the USA.  The fruits and vegetables you buy in a store or at a stand are much lower in nutrients than you think.  Fruits and vegetables start losing nutrients the minute they are picked.  Then factor in the prep time to get them shipped. Once they arrive at the store or at a stand, they sit on the shelves until you purchase them.  Once purchased, they sit on your counter or in your fridge until you eat or prepare them.  You then must determine how to best prepare them in order to keep as much of the nutrients that are still left.

Here is another scenario.  How many oranges do you think you must eat to get the same amount of Vitamin A your grandparents got from eating one orange back in their day? If you guessed eight, you are right (five to get as much iron). This is due to today’s mass production of produce, which packs a less nutritional punch vs back in your grandparent’s day.  According to the Journal of Horticulture Science, “Some varieties have lost 5% to a whopping 40% of their nutrient content.”

Now you may be asking, “How do you get your minimal nutritional intake of 7-14 servings a day?”  For me, I take a whole food supplement called Juice Plus+.  This supplement is certified by the NSF (National Safety Foundation), which gives me reassurance that what Juice Plus+ says they are putting in the capsule or gummy is truly in there.

I have recently been diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases.  The doctors have advised me to take certain medications that would help me stay somewhat pain free.  However, Juice Plus+ has helped me stay off those drugs.  I would much rather take a whole food supplement with little to no side effects to harm my body, than a drug the FDA has deemed safe for me to take but has numerous side effects, including death.  That drug will then in turn promote other drugs to counteract the side effects from the first drug.

This, my friends, is a no brainer for me as to what I will be taking.  Vitamin C is a natural anti-inflammatory.  Almost all diseases in the human body start from inflammation.  I challenge you to do your own research and learn how masking inflammation with a drug does nothing for your body but relieve pain for a short period.  Why not relieve it naturally, in many cases daily, all day?

Look, I know how hard it is to decide what is right for you.  All I ask is that you look at what your current supplement says on the label.  Does it say certified by NSF or USP? If not, you do not know if what is on the label is really in the product.  If you feel you do not want to take a natural product that will help you “bridge the gap,” then grow a garden, so you can pick your own fruit and vegetables and immediately have more nutrients in your food.

Live in an apartment, condominium, or townhome?  I can show you a Tower Garden that can be used indoors or outdoors.  If a Tower Garden is not something you want, you can grow vegetables and some fruits in pots on your patio.  All I want is for you to keep yourself as healthy as you can with food, and to prevent the drug war that can go on in your body and ultimately be what kills you.

If any of this information sparks your curiosity and you want to know more, please reach out.  I will be happy to share what keeps me off medications, while having two autoimmune diseases that attack my joints, muscles, circulatory system, and lymphatic system.

Until next time, stay fit, healthy, and make good choices.



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