What is Your Health Worth to You?

Vegetables Fruits Juice PlusI am here to talk about your health. Many of us take vitamins or supplements in hopes to give us “better health.” If you are taking vitamins or supplements (not always the same thing), make sure you are taking something that is from a reputable company. Make sure you go with a brand that carries the seal of USP or NSF, two nonprofit organizations that certify vitamins are contaminant free and made according to good manufacturing practices. If products don’t carry the seal, this does not necessarily mean they are inferior. They may simply be untested, so if they are made by a reputable company, they are most likely safe and well made.

I was the person that shopped at the Healthy Home Markets and bought up the vitamins that would “help me” with my autoimmune disease (Raynaud’s Syndrome), as well as my overall health. I researched and did the homework to see what was out there to give me some relief of my symptoms, only to end up spending a lot of money and seeing and feeling no relief.

One day a friend of mine approached me with a product she was selling under a MLM called Juice Plus+. She knew I was a Personal Trainer and thought I would be interested. At first, I must say, I was not but the more she told me about the product, knowing I was fully aware the key to good health is “whole foods,” I broke down and said why not? Everything else I had tried was not working; why not give it a shot.

Well let me tell you, I suffered for 10 years with joint swelling and pain, muscle weakness and aches, and numerous other symptoms due to Raynaud’s. After one month on the Juice Plus+ product, I was amazed my joints no longer swelled, my muscles were no longer weak or achy (unless I just had an explosive workout), and my overall health in other areas had improved. I called her up and said, “Sign me up! I am ready to make this a part of my business!”

Juice Plus+ is real, it is researched, and it is endorsed and sold by real doctors. If you want better health or have an aid in helping you deal with symptoms from a disease, you need to do your homework as I did on Juice Plus+. Not only am I managing my autoimmune; several other things in my body have changed. My eye doctor told me on my last exam the dry eyes I have been dealing with for many years had improved dramatically. My energy level is back up to what I am use to having. My eczema is a thing of the past. My nails and hair are better as well as my skin. I no longer spend approximately $200 per month on products that did nothing for me. I am actually feeling the benefits of my Juice Plus+ and will take the product for the rest of my life.

As a trainer, I love to share my story and to help people make the best decision that is right for them. It may not be Juice Plus+, it may be another reputable company out there, but bottom line, people need to understand the best way to have good health is through whole foods and that is what Juice Plus+ is.

So I ask, what is your health worth to you?

Check out the Juice Plus+ and see if it is right for you. If you are like me and want that healthy feeling again, it would behoove you to at least take a look and a listen. What have you got to lose, except losing the feeling of being run down and overall unhealthy? What do you have to gain? You gain more energy, more stamina, and a feeling of overall health.

Check it out at http://Kbolton.juiceplus.com.

Until next time, stay healthy, exercise, and make good choices.



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