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90-Minute Coaching Sessions
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Fitness Training Packages

I have developed several fitness training packages to accommodate almost every client’s needs. I know there is a package that will fit you perfectly.

For each Fitness Training package, you will receive (1) free session to evaluate your endurance and fitness level, including measurements, weigh in, BMI, and body fat percentage.

Each session, including Group Sessions, is (1) hour.

When you become a “Fit by Kim” client, you will receive the following during your training:

  • Body Fat Analysis
  • Fitness Testing
  • Monthly Weigh-ins
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Weight & Fitness Tracking
  • Attendance of Healthy Talks

I look forward to helping you reach your ultimate fitness goals!

Fitness Training Packages.

Standard 12-Month Packages
Per Month
1 session per week
@ $45.00 per session
= 52 sessions
2 sessions per week
@ 35.00 per session
= 104 sessions
3 sessions per week
@ $30.00 per session
= 156 sessions
4 sessions per week
@ $25.00 per session
= 208 sessions

Rates are subject to change. Each package’s listed rates are broken down per month for a (1) year contract. For a contract less than (6) months, each package will have an additional charge of $7.00 per session. Minimum contract available is (3) months.