Life Expectancy Declines in the USA

By KIM BOLTON | Published: JANUARY 3, 2017

Life Expectancy Declines in the USA

I was watching the news a few weeks ago, and watched a brief news story about how the life expectancy in the USA has declined for the 1st time since 1993. I was not surprised. What I was surprised about was how little attention the story was given. The media gave this story about 15 minutes air time, and that I find very disturbing. People are more interested in hearing what our President-elect has tweeted all week than anything regarding their health. 

Well if you missed the brief news story about it, a friend of mine actually sent me the article and suggested it would be great for my next blog. I will make sure I leave the link at the end of this blog. Just to give you a peak, heart disease is still the number one killer amongst Americans, cancer still takes a close second to it. “We’re seeing the ramifications of the increase in obesity,” said Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “And we’re seeing that in an increase in heart disease.” This is a quote from the article. It also goes on to try to explain what contributes to  the increase in deaths, and.. “several experts pointed out that other Western nations are not seeing similar rises in mortality, suggesting an urgency to determine what is unique about health, health care and socioeconomic conditions in the United States”. (Another line from the article).

I urge everyone to just educate yourself about your health. It is not hard to maintain, in fact, it is very easy. You can exercise everyday, you don’t need a gym or a trainer to do that, you just need discipline. If you don’t have that then hire a trainer to help jump start you. Nutrition is easy and yes it can be affordable (we discussed that in that last blog, check it out again if you need to refresh your memory.)  Here is the link to the article, please read it.

Until next time, stay healthy, be fit and make good choices.